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2nd International Workshop on Web of Linked Entities


2012-05-13: proceedings of the WoLE2013 workshop are now online at http://www2013.org/papers/companion.htm#22 .

2013-05-13: slides (kindly provided by presenters) are now online at http://wole2013.eurecom.fr/program. Link is provided next to each presentation.

2012-03-19: 9 / 23 (39% acceptance rate)


Although we have observed an explosion of the number of structured data sources shared on the “Web of Data”, the majority of the available Web content is still unstructured or semi-structured -- e.g. encoded in (hyper-) textual documents. As a general trend, unstructured data seems to be growing faster than structured data. According to a 2011 IDC study, unstructured data will account for 90 percent of all data created in the next decade.

Web content (structured, unstructured and semi-structured) often makes references to other documents or to entities described in structured data sources (e.g. Linked Data). Furthermore, structured data sources provide entity to entity interconnections, resulting in a Web of Linked Entities spanning structured and unstructured data. Therefore, it has become evident the need to study the impact of associating textual and structured content on information retrieval, extraction, integration and exploration.

The proposed workshop envisions a Web of Linked Entities (WoLE), which transparently connects the World Wide Web (WWW) and the Giant Global Graph (GGG) using methods from Information Retrieval (IR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Database Systems (DB).


Submissions to the workshop should cover one of these topics:

  1. Improvements upon the state of the art in NLP using information in the Web of Data (e.g. the Linked Open Data (LOD) cloud);
  2. Use of NLP techniques to improve knowledge extraction, integration and discovery in the context of the Web of Data.
  3. Knowledge extraction/retrieval from text and HTML documents (or other structured and semi-structured documents) on the Web; especially focusing on scalability, evaluation of precision & recall and/or live systems;
  4. Novel applications to search and browse the WWW with the help of extracted knowledge and the Web of Data.
  5. Methods with a special focus on Big Data due to volume (extremely large), variety (extremely heterogeneous) or speed (streaming at a fast pace).
  6. Innovative applications showing the impact of the Web of Linked Entities vision on problems/solutions affecting the local community, e.g. detecting corruption, tracking criminality, facilitating access to education or health services, citizen participation on the government, improvement on tourism-related services, etc.

The focus of this workshop is on reconciling the discussion from related communities in Information Retrieval, Semantic Web, Database Systems and NLP. 


The PC will choose one paper based on its originality and scientific merit to be given a best paper award and a prize (an iPad 2 with 16GB).


We are also organizing a developer's challenge for the best applications "Doing Good By Linking Entities". A total of two iPads 2 will be given to the best applications. More information about the challenge is available here.


More information:


The best paper will be given a "best paper award" certificate and an iPad2 16GB.

Challenge winners will be awarded iPads2 16GB.

Important Dates

  • Feb 25th 2013  Mar 1st 2013: research paper submissions
  • Mar 13th Mar 19th, 2013: research paper notifications
  • March 27th April 1st, 2013: camera-ready research paper
  • April 10th April 24th 2013: challenge submissions
  • May 13th 2013 : WoLE2013 workshop day
All deadlines are 23:59 Hawaii Time.